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Statutory / PUBLIC holiday pay

Web application

Problem Statement:

A software developer specializing in payroll accounting was not able to implement a digital calculation of public/statutory holiday pay across Canadian provinces. The main challenges came from differences between provinces. Additional complexity came from the public holiday rules being changed from time to time.


The objective of our web application was to provide a reliable and efficient solution for calculating statutory holiday pay in each province of Canada, simplifying the complex task for businesses and ensuring compliance with employment standards acts.


Analyze and flow chart an employment standards act for each province.

Develop a wizard like interface for each Canadian province.

The web application, StatCalc, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that analyzes the relevant employment standards acts for each province. By automating the calculations, StatCalc eliminates manual processes and provides accurate results tailored to your specific requirements.

Key Features:


Project Description: Online Itinerary Booking System for Dive Tours in the Bahamas

We're proud to present a successful project of developing an online itinerary booking system for a renowned tour boat specializing in dive tours in the beautiful Bahamas. This innovative solution revolutionized the way the tour boat interacts with its clients, offering a seamless and convenient booking experience.


The objective of this project was to create a user-friendly online platform that enables clients to easily search the tour boat's schedule, explore available dive tours, and book their preferred tours automatically. The goal was to enhance the efficiency of the booking process, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the boat's operations.

Key Features:

Search and Filter Functionality: The online itinerary booking system allows clients to search and filter available dive tours based on their preferred dates, locations, and other relevant criteria. This feature enables users to quickly find the tours that best suit their preferences and schedule.

Real-Time Availability: By integrating real-time data, the system provides up-to-date information on tour availability, ensuring clients can see the current status of each tour and make informed booking decisions.

Secure Online Payments: The system offers a secure payment gateway, allowing clients to make their tour reservations with confidence. It supports various payment methods, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

User-Friendly Interface: The user interface of the booking system is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a seamless booking experience for clients of all technical backgrounds. Clear instructions and user prompts guide clients through the booking process, minimizing any potential confusion.

Automated Confirmation and Notifications: Once a booking is made, the system automatically generates confirmation details and sends them to the client via email or SMS. Additionally, clients receive timely notifications regarding any changes or updates to their booked tours, ensuring they stay informed throughout their journey.


Convenient Booking Process: The online itinerary booking system simplifies the tour booking process, allowing clients to browse available dive tours and make reservations from the comfort of their own homes or on the go.

Real-Time Availability: Clients have access to real-time information on tour availability, ensuring they can secure their preferred slots without delays or manual confirmation processes.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With the user-friendly interface and streamlined booking process, clients enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience when planning their dive tours in the Bahamas.

Efficient Operations: The automated booking system reduces manual administrative tasks, enabling the tour boat to optimize its operations and focus on delivering exceptional dive experiences.

Increased Revenue Opportunities: By providing an online booking platform, the tour boat expands its reach and accessibility, attracting a wider range of potential customers and increasing booking opportunities.

We are proud to have developed this online itinerary booking system that has transformed the tour boat's operations and enhanced the overall customer experience. If you are looking to improve your business's booking process and provide a seamless online experience for your clients, contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a similar solution to meet your specific requirements.