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Customer Relationship System for Safety & Compliance


The objective of this project was to create a comprehensive CRM system specifically designed for safety and compliance consultants. The aim was to address the challenges faced by consultants in managing client data, staying compliant with regulations, and streamlining communication processes.


Our team developed a robust software solution that revolutionizes the way safety and compliance consultants operate. The CRM software provides a centralized platform for efficient client management, automated government updates, seamless integration with popular platforms, simplified data entry, and convenient client updates.

Key Features:

Client Database:

The CRM software includes a powerful client database where consultants can store and manage client information. This centralized repository allows for easy access to client profiles, communication history, and key details, improving overall client management.

Automated Government Updates:

Staying compliant with changing regulations is critical for consultants. Our software addresses this challenge by automatically fetching updates from government sites. Consultants can rely on the system to monitor regulatory changes and ensure they are always up-to-date.

Seamless Integration:

To enhance workflow efficiency, our CRM software seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Mailchimp, Gmail, and Google Contacts. This integration enables automated communication, synchronized data, and a streamlined workflow, saving consultants valuable time and effort.

Automatic Form Generation:

Generating forms can be a time-consuming task. Our software simplifies this process by automatically generating professional and standardized forms. Consultants can create forms effortlessly, improving efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

Simplified Data Entry:

Efficient data entry is crucial for consultants. Our software offers simplified data entry features, such as the ability to copy and paste addresses. The software automatically breaks down the address into individual fields, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

Convenient Client Updates:

Effective communication with clients is essential. Our CRM software facilitates convenient client updates, enabling consultants to share relevant information, notifications, and updates automatically. This feature fosters better client engagement and strengthens relationships.

Secure and Accessible:

Data security and accessibility are top priorities. Our CRM software ensures secure access to data throughout the application, providing consultants with reliable and quick data retrieval. This empowers consultants to make informed decisions and effectively manage their business operations.



The software developer portfolio website successfully delivers a comprehensive CRM solution tailored to the unique needs of safety and compliance consultants. By providing efficient client management, automated compliance updates, seamless integrations, and simplified data entry, the software empowers consultants to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional services to their clients. Experience the transformative power of our CRM solution and take your consultancy business to new heights.