Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Got data that you can't use as is.
We helped a number of clients to transform their input data into ready for 'import' data.

See details below.

Project: Streamline pdf invoice processing


A client would routine receive thousands of PDF Invoices from a Franchise Head office.
The XLS or similar format was not available.

The PDF invoices were not copy/paste friendly.


Our primary goal was to develop a powerful software tool that could efficiently extract relevant data from thousands of PDF invoices received from a Franchise head office. With no XLS or similar format available, our focus was to automate the extraction process and generate an import-ready file.


Through our expertise in software development, we created a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way you handle PDF invoices. Our advanced software employs intelligent scanning algorithms to extract critical data from the PDF files and converts it into an import-ready format.

Key Features:


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Discover the power of automation with our cutting-edge software solution. If you have data in a readable but not usable format, reach out today, there is a high chance we can automate the process for you. Unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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